Is foam packaging the most versatile of packing materials?

Published on Thursday, Feb 04 2016

As one of the leading foam packaging suppliers in the UK, Wessex Packaging know the versatility and durability of foam materials. Foam packaging offers good cushioning qualities and excellent protection as well as being able to be reused in a number of cases. It is also important to note that foams such as Stratocell are returned to the manufacture for recycling, making it a more eco-friendly material.

Foam packaging can be used in a wide variety of industry sectors to protect many different types of products. At Wessex Packaging, we use foam packaging for all of the following industries:

Electronics Industry

Not only is foam packaging ideal for protecting easily breakable electronic items, our anti-static polyurethane foam actually dissipates electro-static charges given off by nearby components or the component itself, making it the perfect material for packaging and protecting electronic items.

Medical Equipment

Foam packaging is ideal for protecting delicate, oddly shaped medical equipment. Foam is very easy to cut and manipulate into the ideal shape for the product it is protecting, which is important in the medical industry as many products have quite irregular shapes.

Engineering Industry

Products within the engineering industry require a very flexible packaging material due to the extreme size differences between items. Foam packaging is ideal for use with very large items such as JCBs or very small intricate items that need a smaller yet just as effective layer of packaging.

Packaging Industry

At Wessex packaging, we receive many orders from packaging merchants who need to supply their clients with high quality products. Foam packaging is very lightweight, making it an ideal material to transport in bulk to these merchants.

Aviation and Defence Industry

We are proud to supply high quality packaging to the aviation and defence industry, which is another industry in which foam packaging is very useful. For many items in this industry, the size of the foam packaging needed is rather large. Foam packaging is highly cost effective so these large orders never break the bank!

Chilled/Frozen Food Industry

Foam is the best material for use within the chilled and frozen food industry. We have developed foam lined cardboard boxes using polyethylene foam which can be resized according to the level of thermal protection required.

Scientific Equipment

Scientific equipment is very delicate, with items such as glass beakers being very easy to damage during transportation. Foam packaging cushions these items, holding them in place to prevent damage throughout their journey.

Broadcast Industry

We have a wide variety of specialised foam packaging material which is ideal for protecting items used in the broadcast industry. As with the electronics industry, we have a variety of foams which protect the broadcasting equipment from electrostatic discharge.

Our top 5 Reasons why Foam packaging is the most versatile

  1. You can conveniently pack materials of different size, shape or weight. It can suit a wide range of requirements as foam packaging moulds are designed to hold different products easily.
  2. Foam packaging is simple and convenient to use, package and distribute.
  3. Foam packaging is cost effective; it can be recycled and reused and the relative cost of production and maintenance is low. Foam is a light material therefore transportation costs are at a minimum.
  4. Foam packaging has excellent cushioning, making it ideal for most industries which is why it is considered so versatile. It gives perfect protection to fragile items such as glass, jewellery etc.
  5. Foam packaging is environmentally friendly, it can be disposed of easily without causing any negative effect on the ecosystem.

The versatility of foam packaging cannot be denied. It has a variety of uses in many different industry sectors and is a material which has been trusted in the packaging industry for many years. If you want to discuss your foam packaging requirements with us, please feel free to get in touch today.

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