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World Cosmetic Packaging Market To Reach £19bn By 2018

An essential part to the cosmetics industry is the packaging of its products. This is one of the first things consumers analyse when browsing products. The design and quality of the packaging can attract new ... Read Full Article

How Has The Packaging Industry Changed Since The 1970s?

In the 1970s to 1980s packaging played an insignificant part in the distribution and sale of goods, it was rather perceived wholly as a practical container to transport items across the country. In this day and age, ... Read Full Article

The Future Of Packaging – Three Things To Look Out For

 The packaging industry is an ever-changing and very fast-paced world and things are always changing, particularly as conserving the environment becomes much more of a concern.   Packaging and companies adept at ... Read Full Article

Sainsbury’s On A Drive To Recycle Easter Packaging

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has launched a facility which enables customers to recycle their Easter egg packaging. As reported in The Guardian, 50 stores across the UK will offer the special recycling bin. Each bin ... Read Full Article

Three Amazing Uses For Foam

Foam is such an everyday part of our lives, especially here at Wessex Packaging, that it’s easy to forget that it has a massive range of uses and is actually quite vital with regards to its protective and cushioning ... Read Full Article

Sustainable Packaging – A $244 Billion Dollar Business

Sustainable packaging is relatively new but massively important, and arecent report has predicted that there will be big advances in the subject over the next decade; boosting it to a $244 billion market by 2018. This ... Read Full Article

Packaging Innovations Of 2013

Packaging Innovations 2014 was held at Birmingham’s NEC on 26 & 27 February and it’s one of the only UK events where you can be certain to find the latest innovations in packaging. Not only are there a host of ... Read Full Article

Premium Packaging: How To Ensure Premium Is Also Sustainable

In our previous blog, we discussed essential elements to building a premium brand, for example a brand’s need to communicate authenticity, quality and sustainability.   There is a plethora of materials which are ... Read Full Article

Scotland To Become Second Country To Make Cigarette Packaging Plain

The plans have been described by the Telegraph as “stupid” and “ill thought through” and other media outlets as a “war against people who smoke” but the Scottish government is pressing ahead with plans to ... Read Full Article

Waitrose Pledges To Halve The Packaging It Uses In Its Products

As many of you know packaging waste is a serious issue and one that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. With this in mind, premium supermarket giant Waitrose has pledged to halve the packaging it uses in its ... Read Full Article


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Their expertise in custom packaging has helped us deliver very expensive and critical systems without any issues in transit. They currently produce several kinds of packaging which we can call off in batches allowing us to stock less. The packaging is a very important part of our product line and it is good to have a company like Wessex packaging supporting us. Great company to work with. Read more

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