Press Machines

Wessex Packaging manufactures products that are unrivalled in their quality. A big part of this is versatility, as packaging suppliers for a wide range of business sectors, we are often asked to press out a wide range of cardboard and foam packaging products for our customers.

We have invested in four different press machines which all have their own specific uses. These machines allow us to keep our offering both versatile and bespoke to each clients needs.

The press machines we use

Simon Platon Press

This is a fast and versatile press machine which can be used for pressing both cardboard and foam. We use it primarily for cardboard items such as 0427 boxes and cardboard fittings, finding it particularly effective on these items.

Press Machines We Use - Simon Platon Press

Simon Platon Press

Beam Press Machines

We have two of these and they are only just over a year old. We use our Beam Press machines to create both polyurethane and polyethylene foam products and have the capacity to press up to 100mm thickness.

Press Machines We Use - Beam Press Machines

Beam Press Machines

Roller Press

Our roller press machine is used for our larger cardboard products.

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Wessex Packaging is a manufacturer of bespoke packaging specialising in foam and cardboard packaging products. We work in a wide variety of business sectors, including the electronics and broadcast industry. Contact us for more details.

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Wessex packaging have been a very reliable and close supplier to ASL.
Their expertise in custom packaging has helped us deliver very expensive and critical systems without any issues in transit. They currently produce several kinds of packaging which we can call off in batches allowing us to stock less. The packaging is a very important part of our product line and it is good to have a company like Wessex packaging supporting us. Great company to work with. Read more

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Nationwide Delivery

We deliver nationwide either using our own two signwritten vehicles or by courier service

Fast Turnaround Times

We can normally manufacture and deliver your bespoke packaging within 7 to 10 days

Quality Products

All goods pass through our rigorous ISO led quality assurance inspections