wessex_packaging, Author at Wessex Packaging

Which policies need innovation to see the sector build on its success?

As ever, quality must take a starring role. “The customer is always right” is an oft-touted phrase, but like many adages, it is borne from seeds of truth. The customer may not always be right, but their needs, wants and levels of satisfaction must always be at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds. Using data-driven methodologies, such as Six Sigma, to detect defects, makes customer satisfaction a measurable, achievable unit, rather than an vague, subjective goal.

A natural partner to this focus on quality is efficient use of resources. This means that concentrating on waste reduction is not only a topical, and sustainable, attitude, but it also contributes to the productivity of operations. Once more, systems are used to achieve these goals. When it comes to waste, “lean manufacturing” principles are employed. These are essentially a set of tools allowing producers to identify and eliminate sources of waste. The use of such principles dovetails with the industry’s focus on quality, as the savings in production time and cost are passed back to consumers, which in turn allows more scope for the creation of quality products. Supporting the use of all of these tools and methodologies is data collection and analysis, without which effective decision-making is impossible.

Productivity gains, without compromising quality or waste reduction, are always high on the list of any manufacturer’s goals. At Wessex Packaging, it’s no different. The standard 0201 cartons produced by the team make up the majority of their small volume-high value orders. The machines behind these packs are known as creasing and slotting machines. At Wessex Packaging, two rotary creaser / slitter machines and two slotting machines are employed to create a variety of sizes (as per customer specifications) in a range of materials. The benefit to the company of these types of machines is that they take away the need for any tooling, therefore achieving gains in productivity whilst simultaneously meeting customers’ prerequisites.

But the firm hasn’t put all of its eggs in a “standard” carton. Bespoke packaging solutions, whether it’s a bespoke size carton or whether the materials themselves are customised, mean that Wessex Packaging can offer solutions for more complex, and fragile, equipment. A more complicated pack could consist of a heavy duty carton with either die cut and welded endcaps or tray and lid designed with specific shapes and cut-outs to support and protect the unit. Racked, mounted 1U, 2U and 3U packs would normally comprise laminated, creased cardboard pads to square up the unit, with a bespoke set of endcaps designed to clear all buttons, switches, wires and appendages. These solutions have been provided for industries as diverse as the automotive sector, for the purposes of transporting wheels, through to the defence sector, where, understandably, security and durability are key considerations. An increasing number of orders now need to be shipped abroad, so Wessex Packaging is always striving to develop packs which provide long-lasting protection.