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5 facts about cardboard packaging

If we say cardboard, what do you think? If your mind goes to cereal boxes and toilet rolls, you’re not alone, but there’s more to cardboard than these shopping list staples. Cardboard now plays an (even more) ... Read Full Article

See us on ‘Manufacturing Excellence – Pursuit of Excellence’

We are being featured on Manufacturing Excellence – Pursuit of Excellence’ SKY Digital, Channel 189 on Sunday 22nd January and again on 19th February 2017. The programme “Manufacturing Excellence” will analyse ... Read Full Article

Innovation for Success in Packaging / Manufacturing sector

Which policies need innovation to see the sector build on its success? As ever, quality must take a starring role. “The customer is always right” is an oft-touted phrase, but like many adages, it is borne from ... Read Full Article

Manufacturing stays, at its heart, the same

Society & industry move towards technology-led, data driven solution Coming from the Latin manu factum, meaning made by hand, it’s this connection with the basic human impulse to create, which ensures the ... Read Full Article

How seasonal events effect the packing industry

Seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day are wonderful occasions for bringing people together, giving gifts and showing love and appreciation for those around you. However, they can also be ... Read Full Article

Is foam packaging the most versatile of packing materials?

As one of the leading foam packaging suppliers in the UK, Wessex Packaging know the versatility and durability of foam materials. Foam packaging offers good cushioning qualities and excellent protection as well as being ... Read Full Article

Our Top 5 Uses For Stratocell

At Wessex Packaging, we use all types of materials, including various types of cardboard and foam, in order to craft our high quality packaging products. Each type of material has its own specific uses and one of our ... Read Full Article

2016 predictions for the packaging market

2015 has been a great year for the packaging market and looking at the technological advancements made, current UK economy and several other factors, it looks as though 2016 will be a great year as well. While the start ... Read Full Article

Unwrapping the packaging boost behind Christmas presents

The Christmas season is a very exciting time for those within the consumer goods market as sales start to increase and marketing campaigns take a more festive approach. Businesses need to have a bespoke Christmas ... Read Full Article


Having worked closely with Wessex Packaging for many years to find solutions to ship our products worldwide, I have at all times received a very competent bespoke prototype packing solution, followed by subsequent on time deliveries of orders, and 1st class service from all members of the Wessex team. Read more

Wessex packaging have been a very reliable and close supplier to ASL.
Their expertise in custom packaging has helped us deliver very expensive and critical systems without any issues in transit. They currently produce several kinds of packaging which we can call off in batches allowing us to stock less. The packaging is a very important part of our product line and it is good to have a company like Wessex packaging supporting us. Great company to work with. Read more

As a leading packaging distribution company we have been dealing with Wessex Packaging for many years and have always found their response to be swift and their finished product to be well made and consistently to specification. Read more

I have used Wessex Packaging for a number of years. They have always provided a fast, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable service. I without hesitation would recommend them as a supplier Read more

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