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Cardboard Packaging Can Also Be Used To Build Boats!

14th February 2024

Cardboard can have many uses but according to the Dutch artist Filip Jonker, it is also a great material for building boats.

As obscure as it sounds, Filip Jonker has created a masterpiece in the form of a fully functioning boat which set sail for a trip from Holland to England – and made it! The boat was created over 4 months and built entirely from honeycomb cardboard which has been treated to make it water resistant. It contains a diesel engine and is fully coated in a 4mm thick coating of heavy duty paint.

The journey lasted nine days and was incredibly uncomfortable as the shipmates were thrown from side to side as the boat rocked in the sea. However, the boat made the journey in good time and arrived at its destination still intact. It travelled from Enschede in Holland to Ramsgate in south-east England. The artist wanted to show that you can achieve an incredible amount with innovation and imagination.

Although this particular voyage was a success, it is highly doubtful that this trend will catch on and that many more boats will ever be made from cardboard.

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