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FEFCO Styles

FEFCO Cardboard Box Styles

FEFCO is an internationally applied system for corrugated and solid board packaging design.

The name comes after The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) – a non-profit organisation representing the corrugated cardboard industry across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Categories & Codes

Each FEFCO box style comes with an internationally accepted and understood four-digit code. Styles category is represented by the first two digits, whilst the second two digits comprise the unique box style within the category. For example, 0100 is the 00 style of box (Single faced corrugated) from the 01 category (Commercial rolls & sheets). Below you can find all FEFCO style categories and their codes:

  • Commercial rolls & sheets – 01
  • Slotted-type boxes – 02
  • Telescope-type boxes – 03
  • Folder-type boxes & trays – 04
  • Slide-type boxes – 05
  • Rigid-type boxes – 06
  • Ready-glued cases – 07
  • Interior fitments – 09

“FEFCO styles are the internationally recognised range of carton styles used in the corrugated cardboard packaging industry”

Bryan Clayton – Wessex Packaging

Styles & Options

Full information about the FEFCO code can be found at the official FEFCO webpage.

Please be aware that the FEFCO system represents the style of the boxes only. Dimensions of the boxes – Length (L), Width (W) and Height (H) need to be specified separately to the box style. Custom sizes are available to suit your requirements.


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