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Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam Packaging

There is a wide range of polyethylene foams on the market and we stock a number of these different grades to give our customers a wide choice and to be able to use the right foam for the right purpose. Polyethylene foams are typically about 28kg in density and therefore lend themselves very well to be used to provide good protection for all types of items especially larger & heavier items.

These types of foam come in varying thicknesses ie 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 100mm & 120mm. From these nominal thicknesses we are able to cut down or laminate up to infinite thicknesses….within reason! We can supply all of these foams in sheet form for example 2m x 1m or 2m x 1.2m.

Polyethylene foams are very good to work with and can be die cut, welded, glued or even routed. We stock pink anti-static Stratocell, Jiffy foam, Polylam, Ethafoam & Plastazote. Plastazote is available in a wide range of grades and we are able to supply any of these, but typically we have plentiful stocks of LD18, LD29, LD45 & LD24FR.

Many people are unaware of the technical advances made in modern foam materials.

Polyethylene packaging foam is no longer the environmental disaster that it was once conceived to be.

This type of foam has a non-cross-linked foam structure which be recycled back to a raw material – provides shock absorption for light and heavy products in short and long usage cycles – It is an environmental alternative for polyurethane and polystyrene – 100% recyclable – odour-free – excellent creep performance overtime – does not contain heavy metals and is CFC free hence does not have a negative effect on the environment.

Importantly it is made from a minimum of 30% recycled material so has a minimal environment impact.

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Here at Wessex Packaging we are continually focusing on producing innovative products without compromising on functionality and quality.

Our latest packaging idea demonstrates this, using an industry leading technique for lining a carton with foam. The foam’s flexibility ensures the protection of the product and insulation to the highest standard.

The foam is efficient to produce and is easy to cut to fit various sizes and shapes.

Since it only involves one piece of die cut foam, we significantly reduce waste materials in comparison to other packaging methods. Better yet, this makes it extremely easy to assemble and install, helping to save both time and money during the manufacturing process; it makes it easier for you later.

“Polyethylene foam is a harder, closed cell foam used for many applications to pack a whole range of products”

Bryan Clayton – Wessex Packaging

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As well as our excellent designs, we also offer a design and sampling service that is completely free. This is so that our customers can get a feel for what we offer before they commit. Find out more about the packaging we can design for you and our free services by calling us on 01722 412 333 or emailing us at info@wessex-packaging-salisbury.co.uk

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Having worked closely with Wessex Packaging for many years to find solutions to ship our products worldwide, I have at all times received a very competent bespoke prototype packing solution, followed by subsequent on time deliveries of orders, and 1st class service from all members of the Wessex team.

David, Armfield Limited

Wessex packaging have been a very reliable and close supplier to ASL.
Their expertise in custom packaging has helped us deliver very expensive and critical systems without any issues in transit. They currently produce several kinds of packaging which we can call off in batches allowing us to stock less. The packaging is a very important part of our product line and it is good to have a company like Wessex packaging supporting us. Great company to work with.

Monty Quick, Director, Animal Systems Limited

As a leading packaging distribution company we have been dealing with Wessex Packaging for many years and have always found their response to be swift and their finished product to be well made and consistently to specification.

Les Frampton, Answerpak Ltd

I have used Wessex Packaging for a number of years. They have always provided a fast, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable service. I without hesitation would recommend them as a supplier.

David Scott, Purchasing Manager, Laverstoke Park

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Delivery

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Fast Turnaround Times

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Quality Products

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