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Wessex Packaging Partner With Bayquest Packaging

14th February 2024

At Wessex Packaging we are pleased to announce our partnership with Bayquest Packaging, a local packaging merchant based in Wimborne, Dorset.

This partnership began to develop at the beginning of last year after Bayquest found out about our services and contacted us via our website.

Collaboration between ourselves and Bayquest has been extremely seamless due to our likeminded approach to business, and continual focus upon providing our customers with the highest quality packaging solutions.
We each provide one-another with a positive level of reciprocal business and this amount is continuing to grow at a promising pace. At Wessex we use our years of experience within the industry to help advise their team when needed on design aspects concerning bespoke cardboard and foam packaging.  We also pass across enquiries from customers who are seeking consumable items that we either do not supply or make, and that Bayquest are more equipped to provide.

Bryan Clayton, Office Manager at Wessex Packaging states; “Our collaboration with Bayquest Packaging has really started to blossom in the recent months. The ironic thing is that they have been trading much like ourselves for over 25 years, but neither of us had heard of one another. Since embarking on the partnership we have seen the enquiries both passed and obtained increase and we hope this continues to do so.”

Steve Chipchase at Bayquest Packaging has said, “Since working together with Wessex Packaging we have been able to offer a wider range of products and bespoke packaging whilst receiving reciprocal referrals from Wessex. We look forward to a long working relationship with Wessex Packaging!”

Over the next year we hope to see the business we provide one another continue to grow as our relationship with Bayquest continues to prosper.

Our Testimonials

Having worked closely with Wessex Packaging for many years to find solutions to ship our products worldwide, I have at all times received a very competent bespoke prototype packing solution, followed by subsequent on time deliveries of orders, and 1st class service from all members of the Wessex team.

David, Armfield Limited

Wessex packaging have been a very reliable and close supplier to ASL.
Their expertise in custom packaging has helped us deliver very expensive and critical systems without any issues in transit. They currently produce several kinds of packaging which we can call off in batches allowing us to stock less. The packaging is a very important part of our product line and it is good to have a company like Wessex packaging supporting us. Great company to work with.

Monty Quick, Director, Animal Systems Limited

As a leading packaging distribution company we have been dealing with Wessex Packaging for many years and have always found their response to be swift and their finished product to be well made and consistently to specification.

Les Frampton, Answerpak Ltd

I have used Wessex Packaging for a number of years. They have always provided a fast, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable service. I without hesitation would recommend them as a supplier.

David Scott, Purchasing Manager, Laverstoke Park